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Nick Georgiou was born in NYC, in 1980. He received his BFA in Film and Television from New York Universities' Tisch School of the Arts. After graduation, he worked as a Production Designer and Art Director on independent films before focusing full time on his career as a sculptor.

Georgiou creates meticulously hand-stitched newsprint sculptures, which he integrates into the urban environment. His sculptures breathe new life into discarded books and newspapers found on the streets and comments upon the regeneration of the printed word in contemporary society.

The world is in a period of transition and upheaval. Our country is in a state of war - both against fellow human beings as well as our planet. At the same time, people have never been more connected to each other thanks to technological advances.

The digital age has revolutionized the concepts of space and setting. It has completely transformed the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. More and more people are turning away from traditional methods of reading, turning instead to their computers for information and entertainment.

It isn't hard to see that the printed word is already shaping up to be an artifact of the 21st century. Our way of interacting with text is changing. We're losing something tangible. Georgiou's art reflects this transformation being driven by the immediacy of media, and our addiction to the 24-hour news cycle.

Some of the diverse projects he's been involved in include being commissioned by Oxford University Press and the Washington Post Corporation. His works have also been exhibited at Black Rat Press and Andipa Modern galleries in London as well as featured in several shows in the New York area. His most recent solo exhibition brought him to Tucson where he exhibited and lectured at the University of Arizona.

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